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Let's go 3 for 1!

A rather obvious new domain, a new author and a contest.

As you can hopefully see I moved on to a self hosted blog, essentially the same thing as before but minus the wordpress bit in the address. With that said I suggest you update your bookmark and rss feed if you make use of them.

I turned the redirect for the old wordpress.com blog so if you go there you should be redirected here for the homepage, sub pages and any posts. All of which, including comments were transferred over.

I will be tweaking the look and feel of the blog for a while longer though, adding bits here and there. One of those things that I want to get to is adding more people to the blogroll, so if you want to be part of it let me know.

Next up is the introduction of my friend and new co-author for Otagamer. When you see that Yukari picture and the name exilehero that means it's not me writing the post. Same goes for the pictures in said posts.

In case you are wondering why I emphasizing this, that's because in the past even though I explicitly mentioned there were not my pictures people still went and commented as if they were mine.

Anyways, exilehero is the one who deserves credit for my photography. He introduced me to photography in general and brought me my first figma when he traveled to Japan three years ago. This blog, my figure collecting and photography all came to be because of him.


Finally, the last thing.

A simple contest, all you have to do is write a comment. Here is the catch it has to be a meaningful comment, not hard right?

The prize will be simple either this or that.

Also, shimapan background.