This weekend I got to play a lot

Which is exactly why I didn't go and make a proper post. This weekend my friend came over, we played games, watched anime on my fancy new LED monitor, tried out my fancy new pro looking tripod, fixed this and that with my car, took it a car wash. Fun times.

So I will just leave you with a couple of shots I took last week when I was playing with my LX5.

I took this shot trying to recreate an entry in that Good Smile photo contest. It saddened me that said entry was not among the finalists, in fact many of my favorites were not on the finalists.

This is one thing I hate about taking pictures outside, I need more hands. I can't hold the figure, camera and block the sun. Alternatively I could just have taken someone else to help me I suppose.

Anyways, I am excited for my next photo shoot. Finally got my hands on a figure I wanted from before I even collected figures.

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