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Thanks Radiant!

Radiant is such a cool guy. I'm such a bad prize winner, I received this price from Radiant like two weeks ago. A prize for what you might ask? For making a comment, in this post.

You should head over and check his blog. He posts this nice combination of figure pictures, drawing videos, some slice of life and my personal favorite the more serious posts looking at Otaku culture.

Radiant's recent post about Otaku fashion is a good example of the latter.

Once more I will make a plug for the wonderful series that is Valkyria Chronicles. An excellent mix of strategy, third person action, and a unique artistic presentation. You can easily find the first game for less than $20 on most places that sell video games.

I look forward to have the third entry of the series that goes back to a story style more similar to the first game. Although I should probably go back and finish up the second game.