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My, what smooth legs :3 - Alter's Hirasawa Yui

Time to take a look at my favorite K-On! girl.

I like this figure, it feels so Yui-like to me. Full of energy with a happy-go-lucky vibe just like Yui herself.

I'm pleased with the face and hair, sometimes some K-On! figures don't quite depict Yui's cheerfulness.

I like the pose of this figure quite dynamic.

It find it pretty neat that regardless of the angle this dynamism comes through with this figure.

Yui's Gitah looks amazing, just like the real thing. It was a pretty nice inclusion to have a guitar with strings unlike the figma version.

The detail from the pick in Yui's hand up across the guitar is all excellently executed.

Like I mentioned in the title Yui's legs are quite smooth thanks to her trademarked tights.

Say, in the above picture Yui's panties are covered by her tights. Is it still considered a panty shoot?

I'm quite fond of this base, instead of some boring circle or square it's instead an image of a record. The picture of the guitar plus the typography is a nice touch as well.

I can't think of much more to say, next time I wont do this half sleep.

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