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I feel I should probably mention this...

... even if I feel most people wont care that much.

Reimu picture not related in any way what so ever.

I tweaked a few things around my blog.

Most noticeable is the navigation menu, I added a new sub-menu called Social Links. Not related to the P3 and P4 social links by the way.

In it are all of the different places I share my interests.

You can find:

  • my deviantArt account
  • a link to my figure.fm posts
  • my flickr photostream
  • My Figure Collection profile
  • my Twitter page

If you have an account in any of those services feel free to add me if it fancies you.

As always the aptly named Figure Photo Shoots tab contains all the figure photo shoots I have done.

I tweaked a bit with my About page changed the layout and some of the text.

If you are really bored give it a read, if you wanna do a link exchange or anything along those lines to contact me that's the best place to do so.

I completely reorganized my categories and went back and categorized all my posts using this scheme.

Pretty much there are three main categories of interest, Figures, Video Games and Dollfie.

  • The Figures category contains subcategories for each figure manufacturer for the figures I own.
  • Video Games contains subcategories for each of the gaming consoles and handhelds I have posted about so far.
  • Dollfie categories simply covers the posts relating to my Nanoha Dollfie Dream.

With those three main categories all of the content in my blog can be easily accessed by using the Categories Cloud widget.

That's it, just wanted to mention these small changes.

Twitter : )