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There comes that time when...

...you no longer feel embarrassed taking pictures outside or carrying a 2D girlie with you.

I mean, taking my camera and figma with me is second nature now. Even when going out for serious business such as a job screening at my former university.

Before, I usually needed at least one friend who was into Japanese media like myself. Even then, I would still feel embarrassed but being with friends meant at least they would understand.

Then a change came to occur, as long as I was with friends it was all fine.

No more embarrassment and awkwardness, unless people actually pointed at me and made some sort of comment to themselves or their companions.

Just the other day thought I noticed not even that bothered me anymore. I just happily snapped away my pictures at the bookstore I met with my friends.

That's not all thought, when I snapped that first picture I realized even when I was by myself I no longer cared about other people.

Which is quite nice, for all its awkwardness and misunderstanding Japanese media gets I have come to terms with it. Enough that I no longer care what other people think of me enjoying them.