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Summer = Girls(Lolis) + Swimsuits - Kotobukiya's Candy Bikini Shana

Still summer in my side of the world and boy has it gotten way hotter. What better embodiment of summer than a fiery flame haze.

Last time I gave you a look at the sexy curvaceous Kos-Mos.

This time I though I would go to the other side of the spectrum and give you the cute lolicious Shana.

This lovely "Candy Bikini" Shana was released way back in early 2008 by Kotobukiya for a price of  4,800 yen at an 1/8th scale.

Man, how I miss those kind of prices for figures nowadays then again Shana is quite tiny for figures her size.

This figure is quite special as it was not imported like the rest of my collection.

My friend went to Japan for a summer so I asked him to bring me some souvenirs in the form of figures. I asked him for a Shana figure and this is what he bought me.

I'm quite pleased with how Shana's face and expression came out. Out of all the Kugimiya Rie loli tsunderes, Shana is my favorite, I think she is the cutest.

I do prefer her with her regular black hair and eyes over her flame haze colors though.

One thing I love about Shana, in many figures of female characters as well, is the nice curve along her back thanks to her posture.

For some reason, I find that curve along the back makes the figure's pose seem more natural.

People always seemed to have issues with Kotobukiya releases, never really understood why.

This time though, I do have one complaint, as you can see there is a difference in the color of Shana's swimsuit and the ribbons on her hips.

The ribbons are the original color of her two piece swimsuit; however, the green color has faded in the two years I owned her.

Speaking of which Shana wears her two piece swimsuit quite well. It shows off her delicious flat chest and her petite features really nicely if you ask me.

I like the inclusion of Alastor as if swaying because of Shana's movements. It gives in my opinion a more dynamic look to the figure overall.

Shana came with a circular base that simulates a sandy beach. You can place her trusty sword, Nietono no Shana, on an orifice on the base.

Shana however, is not attached to the base and you merely place her on top of it.

I got nothing much to say other than it's still hot.

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