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I finally decided to post this, for some odd reason I wasn't feeling like doing so.

Nothing much to say other than Nanoha and Kos-Mos are two of my top 3 favorite girls right now Reimu being the last.

Actually, one thing, the laptop under the DSi is a tablet PC after having owned a netbook and selling it I saw no reason to replace it until this nice little tablet was announced.

I used to have all my figures all over the place until I got my self my "Wall-o-Figures". Now all I have to do is look up from my seat and I get to see all these beauties.

You can take a nice proper look at the whole thing with this picture.

Ah! My lovely chair, I used to continuously buy cheap desk chairs that ended breaking all the time. I finally I bought myself a proper desk chair, so comfy and most importantly to me it reclines.

I actually wanted a picture of me smiling, even more so since the pictures I seen of most comrades they almost seem angry or something. Alas, my friends suggested I used this picture since they seemed pretty adamant at that I decided to do so.

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