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Demon's Souls

Lately I been enjoying Demon's Souls quite a bit thanks to the Valentine's day event that has been going on since last weekend.

Today I was able to finally acquire a weapon I been wanting for a while to use against those lovely invaders you can have in the form of other players.

In order to get this weapon, Blind for those interested, I needed to kill the phantom version of an NPC.

I was reminded of how people say that this game is hard. However, that is not entirely true, this game is not about rushing forward to meet enemies head on. That will result in your quick death.

Demon's Souls rewards people who play patiently and smartly while quickly punishing those who don't stop to think first. That's exactly how I was able to defeat Selen and obtain her sword.

Personal insights aside go buy Demon's Souls, it's awesome if you own a PS3 you have not excuse to not own this game.