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No More Heroes

After reading the announcement for the No More Heroes port, and the upcoming release of the sequel I got into the mood to finish the original this weekend.

All was going on well, having been playing a few hours straight.

Then there was a sharp pain in my wrists, particularity on my left. Having been getting too much into the game, I probably was flicking my wrists too hard to perform those finishing and wrestling moves.

Then I realized this was my first Wii related "injury"...

That aside, I have been enjoying this game. The boss fights are pretty cool, with really unique characters, the main hero Travis being the same.

If you got a Wii, I would recommend picking this up if you are craving a nice action game. Not too hard to find, see it with that Red Steel combo quite a bit for about $20-30.

Edit: Alright there I finished the game, I finished a game yay! That doesn't happen very often.

Yes definitely some of the most satisfying boss battles in a game.

One thing though, Suda 51...fast forward?!