October Loot

103_4693 (Small) Today I finally got my belated October loot. As you can see my summer uniform version Kagamin came in along with Aigis and the awesome Otacool book.

More about Otacool in a later post, if you have about 1500 yen to spare I recommend you pick it up.


Now this loot has two disappointments the first as I mentioned in a previous post is. Alter's Exceed Mode Nanoha was delayed to December. I was looking forward so much to this realease. I was even going to buy a new camera either the Lumix LX3 or a Nikon D3000 just so I could take better higher quality photos of Nanoha.


The other sad disappointing even was Saber slipping into a November release. October was gonna be this really awesome month in terms of loot for me.

Well, at least thanks to this I will be getting Saber and now Vita too from Ami Ami to try their new English service.